No, I don’t have a gun Spring/Summer 2018


No, I Don’t Have a Gun is a collection inspired by the grunge movement in the 90s. In a reaction against the excessive glitz and glamour of the ’80s, the grunge music scene, set in Seattle, championed authenticity. Many of the musicians were children of hippie parents who left them in search for personal freedom. These musicians thus channeled their rejection and disillusionment into tragic lyrics in their music.

A big issue in the ’90s was the heroine addictions which resulted in some key figures overdosing. Bringing it into today’s context, a huge social problem is the gun laws. Mass shootings and mindless rampage killings have taken a grip of society and coincidentally was also the cause of death for the icon of grunge music, Kurt Cobain. The leader of Nirvana killed himself in 1994 with a gun, which subsequently led to the decline of the grunge movement.

This collection brings the dirty-glam, raw youthful irreverent energy of grunge into modern context. A key feature is the flannel print created and developed from the lyrics of Nirvana, Green Day and 21 Pilots that relate to gun laws. The ripped jeans often worn by grunge musicians is also further developed to have gun shot holes, to represent the wounded-ness and reality of the gun situation today. The layering of slouchy silhouettes are also reminiscent of the 90s movement.











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