Fishing in the Dark (SS 2015/2016) (Menswear)


Fishing in the Dark is a collection that explores the ability of blind people in sports. Often thought as handicapped, blind people have been breaking boundaries their physical ‘disability’ sets for them to excel in sports like golf, archery, skateboarding and fishing.

This collection aims at creating fashion which blind people can experience. Rather than focusing on colour or prints that they can’t see, these clothes pay a great attention to different textures and fabrics so that they are able to feel fashion. Incorporated into the clothes are ways for them to understand the clothes better, from flies on zippers to help them find zip ends to pockets with braille punched into the fabric. Their unique language of braille has also been incorporated so that they can ‘communicate’ with the fabric. Beaded on the sleeves, punched into the suede or weaved into the neoprene is the phrase ‘I am not blind’. Ironic or not, when braille is put on the clothes, the one who becomes blind are the people who have sight as they do not understand braille, thus turning the tables on them.

Truly, the collection can be summed up with a quote from Helen Keller- The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.

Dawn Bey_Fishing in the dark image_cover


Dawn Bey_ Apparel2_final-01Dawn Bey_ Apparel2_final-02Dawn Bey_ Apparel2_final-03Dawn Bey_ Apparel2_final-04Dawn Bey_ Apparel2_final-05Dawn Bey_ Apparel2_final-06Dawn Bey_ Apparel2_final-07Dawn Bey_ Apparel2_final-08


Dawn Bey_ Apparel2_final-13


Dawn Bey_ Apparel2_final-11

Dawn Bey_ Apparel2_final-10

Dawn Bey_ Apparel2_final-09

Dawn Bey_Fishing in the dark image Dawn Bey_Fishing in the dark image_side Dawn Bey_Fishing in the dark image_back

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