After the rain in 2046 Fall Winter 2017

After the Rain in 2046 is a collection of activewear designed for modern dancing. It was inspired by the contemporary dance ‘After the Rain’ choreographed by Christopher Wheeldon, mixed with futurism.

Instead of designing activewear that utilised dryfit materials, this collection is mainly comprised of cottons done in ribbed or knit jerseys. Having been a dancer for many years, the designer found that cottons still feel the best to dance in. She also took into account the muscles and movements in dance and integrated the style lines into the designs. These designs range from full body leotards with heel-less footing to simple bralets that remind one of a simple sleek yet organic future.

aftertherain_cover aftertherain_fabricboard aftertherain_development aftertherain_board4 aftertherain_board3 aftertherain_board2 aftertherain_board1 aftertherain_lineup aftertherain_illustration

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