Throw me into a printing room and it’d be heaven to me. Silkscreen, painting, beading, digital printing. I love all kinds of fabric manipulations! Fabric design to me tells stories. How were they conceived as a concept or idea? How were they made and what do they tell? The fabric to me is like a canvas that the painter uses.

Most of my prints have stories to them. They start as physical experiments that eventually end up being collaged and manipulated digitally. Creating repeat prints are challenging but they’re also my goal. A story, like a chinese scroll, is endless and tells a story.

I request that respect is shown the prints that I have put hard work into. They have been cropped from a larger print for your viewing. For reproductions, please contact me by e-mailing me! Thank you 🙂

All prints can be printed onto fabric. If you’d like to order some, please feel free to email me too!

A print inspired by tie dye
A print inspired by the glamourizing of pain


DIGIMARBLE_28"_50% square 2.jpeg
A psychedelic swirl


DIGIMARBLE_28"_50% square.jpeg
Another psychedelic swirl. These are part of a larger repeat print.


A modern gingham
dawnbey_orchidveins_saturated_29 square.jpeg
My acid bloom print for graduation 2016
neonprint_27.5" square.jpeg
The gradients of dusk to dawn. Used in my graduation collection 2016.

Stay tuned to this page where I will keep uploading snaps of my prints.