Dawn Bey

Singaporean / Fashion Designer/ 26

“Follow your madness and let it set you free.”

Hello there!

Yes, that’s me up there hard at work. It has been a long journey for me in my world of fashion and I’m just at the start of an amazing journey.

My first love for fashion began with my mother who taught me how to sew at 14. It opened my eyes to the possibilities of creating anything you wanted. Coming from Singapore, we did have lots of beautiful buildings and a rich heritage but it was all done already. There was a deep desire to create because it made me feel alive, as if the possibilities for anything was endless. A simple zip pouch set the fire in my heart off and I was soon imagining how to create clothes as I stared at people walking by.

I wanted to enter fashion school at 16 but I did not show a deep desire for fashion to my parents so I followed the usual Singaporean student route laid out by society- Junior college and then to university. I entered the prestigious National University of Singapore to study Business Administration, in hopes that I would be able to one day run my own fashion label. I spent my time interning with companies that worked with or in the fashion industry like Gucci, to do PR, or Mercury, for production of shows and digital media. At the same time, I was a fashion writer as it allowed me to digest the fashion research I was doing in my free time. I had experienced much of the fashion industry from the business side and by the time I graduated, I felt a deep sense of emptiness because all I wanted to do was to create.

So I bit the bullet and applied for arts school. While I did get prestigious offers, I chose to move to Hong Kong to study with SCAD. It was a new campus and I didn’t know much about it but the cozy and nurturing environment of the school attracted me. I also wanted to be in a place which had Asian culture while being taught in the western system. My school was American, many of my professors were European and I was living in Hong Kong. So for me, the whole world was meeting in SCAD and it was a place that truly widened my mind towards design.

In 2016, I graduate with a strong passion to continue my craft. I love making clothes and my strengths are not just in the making of the clothes itself but also in creative pattern making, printmaking and colours. The three years in SCAD helped me to find my style and who I want to create for. I’m a bit crazy when it comes to colour and I can’t control it. I love the vibrancy of it and it truly makes me feel alive and happy inside.

This site has all of the projects I’ve done. I hope you can see how I have developed. All of this could not have been possible without God and I want to spend everyday living in the gratefulness to him who has made all of this possible.