Braille inspiration


I’ve been looking through images of braille art to be inspired for my collection. Someone said “I can’t believe how these people feel to read. It’s so beautiful.” And it truly is…





I enjoy the idea of playing with paradoxes too. Hey, even blind people can do graffiti too! It would be cool if the braille said “I am not blind” right?


A love letter vase for loved ones done in braille by Toronto-based artist Jessica Marie Lertvilai. The idea of coding something is so beautiful to me because it’s not that easy to decode and when you finally read it, it’s so beautiful.


SIAFU by Jonathan Lucas allows blind people to surf the web. How is that possible? With this flat tablet that translates the page on the web into braille format so that the blind can feel and read the page. How cool is that? This is like some technology from the future!

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