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Lumiere photoshoot

Last month when I returned back to Singapore for a short holiday, I brought my newest outfit out with me to shoot with Lenne Chai in her studio. I haven’t had such an exhilarating experience in a long time and here’s why.


Lumiere; lessons learnt

Dear friends, it’s been too long since I’ve updated you on my latest project! Right after the last project on clothes for the blind ended, I left for a two week trip to Portugal and Spain over the Christmas break and literally hit the ground running after I returned.

The new Gucci

I break my hiatus to write about the new Gucci creative director and collection, simply because it does have an impact on my future and the future of fashion. Gucci as a brand as been special to me because I did my first fashion internship at Gucci in Singapore. I spent a lot of time … Continue reading


We are all hypocrites

Some thoughts on the way we consume fashion and how things have to change.

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Pew Pew Patches drops a new collection today!

   Two months ago, I launched my own little business selling iron-on patches. The idea behind it was to create original designs together with my friend, Danny K, for creative fashion accessories. Iron-on patches was once the rave during the ’80s, with everyone patching their denim jackets and jeans with these wonderful accessories. I’ve always wanted … Continue reading


Braille everything

So each fashion project ends with a photo shoot and illustrations. This time to close this project, I decided to draw illustrations for sighted people and dot my technical drawings for blind people to understand my clothes. During my braille research, I came across a polaroid camera that helped to take braille pictures for blind … Continue reading


Fishing in the dark: Photoshoot

So each collection culminates into a photoshoot and with this collection, some suggested that I do an outdoor shoot at sea but I chose to go with a studio shoot, intending to make a lot of blur shots, showing a person in motion but the clothes in clarity. It’s pretty amazing what photographers do. Many … Continue reading

2014-11-08 14.36.39

Ready, set, shoot!

Finally after two intense weeks of working day and night (and in my dreams too, seriously!), the outfit I’ve been working on is finally done! Just three weekends ago, I was beading the sleeves of the garment with white buttons in our hotel in Shanghai and now it has been cut and sewn into my … Continue reading

IMG_8651_low res

Braille in beads

So it’s pretty much crunch time in school. Our final outfit is due at the end of this coming week which also means I have to finish my textiles for the look as soon as possible! I spent 5 hours today beading 3 rows of braille that says “I am not blind” onto a mesh … Continue reading



It’s been an extremely tiring week. I’ve made two toiles this week in a span of 4 days to get it all fitted on my model, Lukas. While doing that, I’ve been busy making my final textiles for the garment I’ll be making. See the white dots in the sleeve? The sleeve will be filled … Continue reading


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