Lionel Smit ‘CONTRONYM’ South African artist Lionel Smit will be exhibiting at Cat Street Gallery opening today till 8 November. Tagged as one of the young investment artists, Smit is best known for his contemporary portraits done in monumental canvases and sculptures. His work tonight explores duality in identities with mirrored portraiture pulled in opposite directions on … Continue reading

Braille inspiration

I’ve been looking through images of braille art to be inspired for my collection. Someone said “I can’t believe how these people feel to read. It’s so beautiful.” And it truly is…


Strip it down to black

Yesterday it hit me during my mid-term presentations that I was doing an all black collection. I must say, I love colour a lot. I can get a rush from seeing colour and for my 21st birthday present, I requested my mom to get me the pantone set which till today, is one of my … Continue reading

IMG_7618 low res

Capturing the light

Bought a second hand canon 5D mark ii after contemplating for so long and it was amazing. With my 28mm lens, the camera captured some very very beautiful colours. They may look a bit over exposed but I just love the light! Photo taken along Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Island


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